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Apple Starts Shipping Products From Select Stores

As it follows in the footsteps of other merchants, Apple is reportedly beginning to harness its collection of shops as distribution hubs for delivering merchandise, Bloomberg reported.

Apple has usually shipped products such as computers, smartphones, accessories and tablets from warehouses.

However, products in stock can be now delivered straight to shoppers from a collection of nearly 300 shops throughout Canada and the U.S., the news outlet reported, citing unnamed sources.

The move at Apple stores occurs as the firm gets ready to roll out many new technologies such as a new iPad Air and new 5G iPhones, among other items.

The tech company informed workers that the move would provide shoppers live who farther away from distribution hubs than shops with quicker deliveries, Bloomberg reported, citing the unnamed sources.

In the United States, the orders will reportedly be mailed via FedEx Corp., while, in Canada, the orders will be mailed via United Parcel Service.

Shoppers will not have the capacity to elect to have their orders mailed from a store, and they won’t know if that occurs. The determination on a product’s origin is determined by the operations workers of Apple.

In recent times, the concept of shipping from stores has been made more prevalent by certain supermarkets.

The news comes as Apple has announced a new product rollout on Oct. 13, where the tech firm is anticipated to launch the new iPhone 12. The invitation for the event has the phrase “Hi, Speed,” which one news outlet believes could point to 5G functions.

It is anticipated that there will be four new iPhone 12 models in 2020, with the inclusion of two “regular” version in addition to two iPhone 12 Pro models. The phones will likely have sharper edges around the corners, such as the iPad Pro and iPad Air.

Apple had unveiled its new iPad Air, 8th-generation iPad, Apple Watch Series 6 at a September event. The Apple Watch Series 6, for its part, will have a blood oxygen sensor and novel Apple 6 Silicon chip.

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