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Workforce Management Platform Zira Notches $3.1M Investment

Cloud-based workforce management platform Zira Technologies Inc. has landed $3.1 million in its inaugural round of financing, according to a Wednesday (Oct. 7) announcement.

Lead investors General Catalyst and Abstract Ventures were accompanied by angel investors in the round, such as Lee Fixel, Jana Messerschmidt, Daniel Graf, Aaron Schildkrout and Joe Montana.

Zira is designed to maximize labor efficiency and staffer morale for shift-based teams. The platform automates the handling of everyday tasks, such as scheduling shifts or evaluating performance.

“After talking with hundreds of managers and employees across a variety of industries, we felt it was time to take the burden off of managers and their employees,” Zira Co-founder and CEO Tito Goldstein said in the announcement. “By providing a tool that makes these modern strategies a few clicks away, Zira can unlock the potential hidden in our world’s workforces.”

“With Zira, employees now have a voice in their work schedules, and our AI ensures that each voice is heard,” Zira Co-founder Arjun Vora said in the announcement. “By understanding preferences and past behaviors, Zira is able to create the best schedules and reward good performance.”

Zira’s technologies are available for companies throughout the U.S., Mexico, Canada and India, according to the announcement.

Goldstein was Uber’s head of product design foor Uber for Business in the past, while Vora previously served as Uber’s head of driver design. They are joined by engineering leads from tech firms such as Uber, Facebook, Slack and Thought Spot.

Last November, news surfaced that a group of past Uber employees had begun a cloud kitchen business, Virtual Kitchen Co. The Oakland, California upstart seeks to facilitate food deliveries for nearby eateries that get many orders from delivery firms such as Uber Eats. At the time, Virtual Kitchen Co. had recently unveiled a $15 million investment from notable names such as Base10 Partners, Andreessen Horowitz and others.

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